Arianna A.

“We love our indoor/outdoor rug. Great quality and super easy to clean. I’ve never had an indoor/outdoor rug before and it won’t be last!”

Pauline R.

“My experience with Koeckritz on a scale of 1 -10 is a 10 (excellent). From ordering my custom rug on line to the delivery and most of all the finished product is outstanding. Great quality!!! Love it and I would highly recommend your company. I wish you success and longevity.”

Jennifer E.

“Good quality, colorful, and cheerful. Purchased or elementary school library and these are wonderful for helping students with respecting personal space. Well worth the investment for your classroom or library!”

Ryan H.

“Ordered these for our play area, the kids love them! I had to get some non-skid rug adhesive to keep them from sliding, but definitely worth it!”

John T.

“Why didn’t we purchase this a year to two ago? Installs in minutes and works great. Our 11 year old Golden hasn’t slipped on these yet and no longer fears the stairs.”

Ellen H.

“These are wonderful! Great price, high quality. We use them on the basement stairs and they made such an improvement on sound, look, and most importantly, slipping (I’m using them for regular foot traffic, not because of a dog). I used the double-sided carpet tape that came with them (also bought Scotch brand tape, not realizing that it came with a roll) and ran three strips on the bottom (one down the front stair edge and two smaller ones down each shorter side). We’ve had them down for about a month and they haven’t budged! We’re now considering them for our other staircase!”

Jasmine G.

“Ordered this set of circle rugs as a gift for my daughter who is a first grade teacher. She loves them and they make a nice addition to her classroom. Shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition.”

Allen D.

“Very nice!! A++ seller!! Super fast shipping!!! Even custom cut it for me!!”

Megan D.

“Hi Koeckritz Team,

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for being so diligent and responsive when I contacted you regarding this order! You may not remember but the second rug (6×4) had been cut differently than my runner so the diamonds did not match up properly when I laid the rugs in their prospective positions. I contacted your team and your customer service was truly top-notch in correcting this problem! As I move forward in my career (currently in the process of getting my masters in fine arts which would allow me to expand into commercial as well as residential interior design), I will definitely keep your team in mind for any future jobs! I look forward to doing business with you again!”

Norma A.

“High quality. Arrived sooner than promised. Thank you!”

Marty D.

“Great rug and super fast shipping. Thanks! Five Star Seller * * * * *”

Nermin B.

“We have all hard wood floors in our house. We needed something for our bedroom that was not to expensive but still warm and stylish. I love how this is like like a carpet and the color is just right. You can match pretty much any color of bedding to it. For the money it is a great rug. I would recommend it.”

Harriet P.

“I bought the 5′ x 7′ and the 2′ x 8′ area rug pads to add quality and cushion to my newly purchased rugs and to prevent the rugs from sliding on the floor. I had a 5′ x 7′ rug, a small runner rug and a door mat style rug. These area rug pads are awesome! They were easy to cut to size and attached with carpet tape with ease to the each rug. Now my rugs have a nice 1/2″ cushion under them as well as preserving the quality of the rug. I definitely will purchase again as I buy rugs for my home.”

Donna K.

“Second one of these I’ve bought, this time in a smaller size. Great cushioning under my toddler’s bedroom rug and easy cleanup is key. I wish it had more grip to hold the rug, but I knew going in this would be an issue with her light-weight slippery rug, but liked it so much I bought it anyway. My living room rug hugs very well to its identical Spillguard padding. I was a little afraid 3/8 would be too thick for the small bedroom rug, but if I could do it again, I’d go even thicker. That said, love it.”

Amy T.

I bought this pad to cut-to-size for my bathroom floor. It works very well–much better than the tough old gray, jute-like padding I had before. This Spillguard padding looked so nice after I cut it out and placed it on the floor, I actually entertained the idea of leaving it bare, without any carpet on it at all. THAT’S HOW NICE IT LOOKED, just like a brand new floor. And it stays in place perfectly so far. Anyway, of course I did put down my carpet over the new padding and thus far, I love it! Plus, it is SO EASY TO CUT TO SIZE, if you intend to do that. I am very happy with this rug pad.”

Kate M.

“We’ve been using the rugs about a week now and love it. Color is exactly what we wanted. Would recommend it.  This is an update on the color of the rug. Taffy Apple closes matches the paint on my walls which is Kilm Beige, sold by Sherwin Williams.”

Charlie R.
“I purchased this 8×10 area rug to go under my dining room table. Despite the reviews, it’s wonderfully soft. I added a felt carpet pad to extend the product life and ensure a comfortable feel underfoot. I believe I’ll get years of use out of this area rug. I love the color, a nice neutral taupe. I plan to purchase another for my granddaughter’s room.”
Amanda R.
“Cannot begin to express how surprised I am at the quality of this carpet! Absolutely love it! After vacuuming it’s so plush and soft!! Boyfriend and puppy love it!! Mind the picture I still have lots to do but this carpet is perfect for my grey and white theme!!”

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