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Fall is just on the horizon, the leaves are changing colors and your interior decor has a marvelous influence that doesn’t need a calendar.
It’s time to decorate for fall and prepare your home for seasonal entertaining.

When discomfort causes constant issues regarding your home’s walking surfaces, sometimes, you just need to install a plush carpet to soften some of the blows.
There’s no better feeling than sinking your toes into shag rugs or plush rugs.

If you want your rug to reflect the beauty of nature in the world, consider purchasing a rug made with a natural material!

Custom Size Area Rugs Available

Are you looking for custom made rugs? Koeckritz Rugs is the #1 seller of custom made area rugs. As well as custom size area rugs we also offer custom outdoor rugs, sports rugs, braided rugs, and much more.
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Custom-made rugs could be exactly what you need to make the most of a space. Whether you want rugs for indoors or outside use, custom rugs and carpets from Koeckritz Rugs, Inc. in Elk Grove Village, IL, are available in countless varieties.

Unlike prefabricated rugs that are only available in set dimensions, the customization services from Koeckritz Rugs, Inc. allow you to take full creative control of how and where you use custom-made rugs. We can help you create stunning custom area rugs with the exact color, pattern, and material you envision inside or outside your home. Samples are available to view from the convenience of your home.

We also understand that you want to make the most of the custom rugs and carpets you purchase from Koeckritz Rugs, Inc. That is why we carry a vast selection of accessories to make sure your indoor and outdoor custom cut rugs stand up to the wear-and-tear of daily life. We carry non-skid rug pads, stair treads, and all the customization options you need to bring the perfect rugs for your design ideas to life.

Interested in custom-made rugs, carpet, and flooring in Elk Grove Village for any part of your home or business? Contact Koeckritz Rugs, Inc. today to learn more about our flooring customization services and other custom rugs and carpets.