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Spring Area Rug Trends for Your Home

Spring isn’t just a good time to clean, it’s also the perfect time to update the look and feel of your home in preparation for warmer weather. While winter is perfect for coziness, earthiness, and warmth, spring is the time to brighten up your home, take advantage of natural light from the bountiful sunshine, and experiment with new ways to make your home more comfortable and refreshing.
This spring, you should try a few of the following design trends when it comes to the rugs you use throughout your home. Area rugs are great options for many rooms in your home, add comfort and utility to high-traffic areas, and tie rooms together in delightful ways when you choose the right rugs.

Natural Fiber Rugs Are Incredibly Popular

Sisal, jute, and wool are some of the most popular natural fibers for area rugs right now. These materials are perfect for adding a bit of rustic flair to your home and are incredibly comfortable. One of the best parts about investing in natural fiber rugs is that you can use them indoors or outdoors. Because you’ll be making more use of the outside areas of your property during the spring and summer months, natural fiber rugs that match can provide cohesive comfort inside and outside your home.

Natural Fiber Rugs


Neutral Tones Add a Calming Atmosphere

Bold colors certainly have their places, but neutral tones are gaining popularity because of their versatility. It’s easy to find neutral toned rugs that match your home’s décor, and if you plan to switch things up this summer and buy new furniture or repaint, your neutral toned rugs will continue to keep things cohesive, because they can easily work with lots of different colors, materials, and textures.

Neutral Tones


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Moroccan Designs

If you’re looking for a splash of color from your area rugs and want something versatile and exciting, Moroccan designs are ideal rug choices for your home this spring. Woven mat rugs feature intricately beautiful designs and can work in many different places throughout your home.

Moroccan Designs

Boldly Colorful Prints

For homeowners interested in brightening their homes with beautiful and bold colors this spring, the right printed rug can be the perfect addition to any space. Layering patterns and colors between your rugs and the furniture on top of them can provide a bit of busy visual interest that’s both fun and refreshing during the spring. colorful Finding the right rug can seem like a challenge, but this spring could be the best time for you to purchase the ideal new rug for your home. Koeckritz Rugs offers a vast selection of rugs made from natural fibers, in all sorts of colors and patterns, and in line with the latest home interior design trends. Contact us today to learn more about the area rugs we have for sale that could be perfect in your home.  

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Preschool Group Speech Therapy: How One Therapist Uses Circle Seats

 Children learn and develop important developmental skills by exploring their environment. Families and professionals working with young and school-aged children encourage the learning of these skills by creating an organized setting. The Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seat set can provide professionals with a way to facilitate such an environment for learning.  The circle seats can be utilized to set boundaries between peers, provide expectations of appropriate seating placement, encourage language development, support following directions skills, and increase overall attention. 
Speech therapyThe “Crazy Carpet Circle Seat” is made of soft, durable fiber that comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The circle seat is more than a tool for children to sit on.  This seat comes in a variety of vibrant colors, which can support a variety of communication intents.  Some examples include: allowing the child to label different colors, providing opportunities for the child to demonstrate comprehension of colors by retrieving a specific color seat, allowing children to match items around the room to their specific circle seat, as well as encouraging answering wh- questions in a natural situation (e.g., “Who is on pink?”, “What animal did I put on blue?”, or “Where is the purple seat?”, etc.). 
Speech therapyIn addition, the circle seats assist in the children learning social cues and skills that will allow them to be more successful within their classrooms or play environments.   The circle seats provide the children a boundary for themselves, as well as for other children.  It provides enough space for children to maintain composure (e.g., keep hands and feet on their circle) to allow them to better attend to the activity with the group.  In return, children are better able to maintain appropriate attention allowing increased learning.  In addition, the circle seats can also be used within a motor activity.  Some examples may include actions from one circle to the next (e.g., hopping, crawling, etc.) or use the seats as a “stop point” to complete an educational task, matching items in the environment to that circle seat color. Whichever way the Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Set is used, it is sure to be a great addition for families and professionals that are helping our children learn.  
To learn more about Speech Therapy, visit Pediatric Interactions!
Pediatric Interactions, Inc.
Gail Dudesek, M.S. CCC-SLP/L
Aubrey Fossen M.S. CF-SLP/L

Reasons to Consider Circle Seats in the Elementary Library

The library is an integral part of the early education experience. The elementary school library is where many students encounter their first favorite books and experience the joy of reading firsthand. A school librarian wanted to better organize her students’ weekly time at the library and, with only about 30 mins for each session, wanted to ensure each student was getting the most out of his or her time. She found that a lot of time was wasted each session as children scrambled to enter the library and find seats for each week’s activities and reading time.
libraryThe librarian generally spent each 30-minute session providing students with library lessons, reading to the children, and then providing them with time to look for a book to check out for the week. Organizing the children quickly and efficiently was sometimes a struggle, until she discovered Koeckritz Rugs’ Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats. She was able to set up tidy and effective spaces for group reading sessions as well as quiet personal reading time after students checked out their weekly library books.
Library time may be limited, but it is still an invaluable part of every student’s elementary school experience, exposing them to new ideas, new stories, and lessons that only good books can teach. This librarian took advantage of the creative seating solutions that circle seats offer to streamline every lesson, allowing her students to quickly find seats and enjoy peaceful personal space during individual seating time.
Carpet circles are comfortable, multi-functional, and incredibly useful in any elementary school library. They may even become occasional learning tools, allowing librarians to have students choose different color circles based on the types of books they read or arranging group activities easily. Crazy Carpet Circle Seats add new layers of versatility, fun, engagement, and functionality to the elementary school library experience.

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The Importance of Circle Space in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a wonderful time for children. For many, they get to experience a real learning-focused classroom for the first time. Preschool lays the groundwork for working in groups, following instructions, and learning through play, but kindergarten is essentially the beginning of the true school experience. A kindergarten teacher who believed that circle time is an essential part of the kindergarten experience wanted to maximize the impact of circle time, and she discovered that the Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats from Koeckritz were the perfect solution.

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kindergartenCircle time is an opportunity for kindergartners to work together while cultivating strong individual learning experiences. However, a large circle that all the students share can become a distraction or even a point of contention. Her new Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats quickly became a functional solution with a few surprising benefits. Children not only had more personal space and independence due to having access to their own carpet circles but also experienced more learning experiences that were simply not possible with one large, shared circle. The teacher started experimenting with new ways to arrange the circle seats, creating fun and engaging activities for the students. The circle seats not only became a regular part of the students’ everyday classroom routine, but also a time for engaging activities like sitting in certain areas based on names, choosing different colors for different reasons, arranging colors in different patterns, and much more.
The children were delighted to play new “games” with their circle seats that reinforced concepts like color identification, following instructions, and working both as a team and individually. This change also came with the added benefit of providing each student with defined personal space, and kindergarten is usually a time when many children are starting to cultivate their own preferences in regard to personal space. The new carpet circles became a functional part of the kindergarten experience, providing the students with more memorable and more engaging activities each day.

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Designers Need to Know What’s Under the Rug: Felt Pads and Rubber Backed Felt Pads

An area rug serves several purposes in a living space – the pattern and texture can evoke a feeling to the space and inform the other décor choices of a room. The rug is only a piece of the puzzle, however. The area rug pad will affect the feeling and ultimately the function of the floor covering. Here’s what you, as  designers, need to know when choosing rug pads for clients.


Proprietary chevon patterning prevents lateral movement of the rug in any direction. Its synthetic fiber construction also works to prevent decomposition and shredding, and it helps prevent mildew and odors when it becomes damp. One of the main benefits is versatility – it can lay on wood, tile, stone, terrazzo, and even highly waxed and polished surface floors without damaging them. As an added bonus, it is 100% hypoallergenic, an important consideration for many clients.


Duo Lock

The Duo Lock rug pad comes in felt and rubber construction, which helps minimize slipping and adds a soft protective layer. Its construction will make the client’s walk soft and comfortable. This makes it a good choice for rooms where plushness is important, such as family rooms. It is important to realize, however, that when exposed to high friction, the rubber back can stick to client floors. As such, it may not be a good choice for highly polished hard surface floors.


Felt area rug pads can be a good choice for those hard surface floors that are highly polished or delicate, as they will not damage the floor’s surface over time. They also add an element of plushness and minimize slide. Since they do not have a rubber backing, however, they should also be anchored with furniture to help assure that the rub remains in place on slippery floors.
Rug pads are an important finishing touch for your client floor spaces. As designers, knowing how to help clients pick the right pad for their space can help them improve the longevity of both their floor and its coverings.

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Tips for Keeping Your Area Rugs Looking Their Best

Your area rug represents a significant investment and serves as a focal point of your living spaces. As such, keeping it in the best shape possible is essential. Regular maintenance and upkeep of your rug can keep it looking fresh for years to come. Here are some simple tips that can help keep your rugs and living spaces looking their best.

Rotate Rugs Annually or Semiannually

Rug rotation is essential in making sure that your floor coverings age evenly. If one area of the rug bears the brunt of high traffic and spills, your piece will age faster. Rotating your rugs helps ensure they will age naturally and evenly. How often you should rotate depends on your lifestyle and room function. In a low traffic area, rotating once a year is enough. For a living room rug that gets a lot of foot traffic from children and pets, consider rotating every three to six months.

Act Quickly on Spills

Accidents and spills happen, but what’s most important is how quickly you react. Using clear, non-detergent soap and a little warm water, gently blot at the spill and be careful not to scrub, which can rub the stain further into the carpet’s fibers. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning, including spot treatment and steam cleaning.


Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to care for your area rug, as it keeps dirt and grime from getting stuck in the carpet fibers, which can give your rug a dull or dirty appearance. Daily vacuuming is ideal, especially if you have young children or pets.

Purchase Rug Pads

Rug pads are a worthwhile investment, both for comfort and in the upkeep of your floor covering. Rugs naturally slip, slide, buckle, wrinkle, and bunch, which can lead to uneven wear and tear. Pads help by keeping your rug in place and ensuring it lays nice and flat.
Use these tips! Your area rugs are an important feature in your home. Taking a few simple steps can help them look their best!

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Mistakes When Deciding on an Area Rug: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Are you making these mistakes? An area rug makes an important statement in your living spaces. Designed to last for years, they can be a focal point of your room, tying other elements of the space together. On the other hand, making fundamental design mistakes can take away from the look you’re trying to achieve. When deciding on an area rug for your space, don’t make these common design mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Don’t make these mistakes. Sizing is one of the most important considerations when it comes to your new rug. If a rug is too small, it will make your room look small, as well. If it’s too big, you run the risk of making the room appear cluttered. As a good rule of thumb, choose a rug that will reach your furniture front legs on all sides, effectively framing the space. Your dining room rug should have enough space to push out chairs on the rug.

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Choosing the Wrong Color

Other common mistakes is choosing color. Color makes an impression, there is no doubt about that. Making the wrong color choice, however, could go against the mood you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for a tranquil place to unwind at the end of a long day, for example, avoid energetic colors like orange and vibrant yellow.


Lifestyle should always play an important role in your design choice. Plush, high pile white rugs may look nice in design magazines, but the look won’t translate well if you have young children and pets running around. If your rug is going to undergo some wear and tear, choose a low pile or natural fabric version that has a pattern to mask stains and can seamlessly handle the occasional cleaning.
Your area rug is worthy of your careful consideration, as spending money on the wrong material or size could leave you unhappy down the road. Koeckritz Rugs has a wide variety of coverings in styles that appeal to all tastes, styles, and price points. Browse our selection and find your perfect custom or pre made floor covering today!

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6 Luxury Area Rugs Your Client Will Love This Fall

Fall is just on the horizon, which means many clients are interested in mixing up their design and décor. Fall rings in the holidays, which means many will be entertaining guests. We all want our living spaces to look their best before company arrives. Luxury area rugs are some of the most versatile tools available to designers restyling client living spaces. Koeckritz’s extensive selection of area rugs has something to appeal to every design aesthetic.
Our Super Shaggy Indoor Rug collection is the height of luxury. Clients can sink their toes into its fabric, experiencing comfort in every step. Available in a wide range of hues, from on-trend ivory to cool peacock blue, our custom shag rugs make a statement.

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The Milliken Cavatori Marble Pattern Indoor Area Rug Collection is the height of modernity and sophistication. With its sleek lines and contemporary styling, it makes for a perfect addition to grand rooms and offices.
Our Tuftex Celeb Super Thick Shag Indoor Rug collection is the perfect marriage of comfort and modern style. Ideal for anywhere family gathers, it is available in a variety of timeless hues. Its plush feel also makes it a welcome addition to a nursery.
The Appreciation Indoor Repeat Pattern Area Rug Collection is great for those spaces where a clients wants pattern and texture, but does not want to overwhelm other design elements. Paired with an appropriate pad, it would be a statement making choices for a modern den or formal dining room.
Our Coral Springs Indoor Area Rug Collection brings the warmth and vibrancy of coastal living year round. Perfect for the beach house or sunroom, the cheerful, modern pattern delights no matter the season.
The Milliken Artful Legacy Pattern Indoor Rug Collection features contemporary styling and timeless design. Ideal for formal spaces and the traditional aesthetic, this rug seamlessly blends with existing décor.
Our extensive collection of custom rugs can help you design client spaces that speak to their own personal style. For more information about how we can help, contact us.

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What’s New in Floor Coverings: Textures and Patterns

When it comes to updating floor coverings, clients want something that is sturdy but stylish, and trends for interior designs change with the seasons. If you’re thinking of updating your client’s floors, take into consideration some of these trending floor covering ideas. Here’s what’s new in floor covering this upcoming fall and some easy tips to transform their home.

Hard Flooring Trends

Hardwood floors never go out of style. They’re easy to clean, look great, and are generally easier to maintain over time than carpet. Light Hardwood flooring in large planks is trending. When most people think of hardwood floors, they usually envision dark natural browns, but lighter wood shades are growing in popularity and offer countless opportunities for creative interior design.  

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Some homeowners prefer hard surfaces but don’t want to worry about wood-related issues, especially in older homes. Tile and porcelain floors continue to grow in popularity, and many of them mimic the appearance of hardwood. However, these flooring options are strong, resilient to damage, and generally easier to maintain than hardwood.

Carpets and Rugs

floor coveringsWhile carpeting can look fantastic in many different styles, more homeowners are opting for hard surfaces with area rugs in strategic locations. Rugs can be an inexpensive alternative, easier to maintain, and more versatile. Once you have carpet installed, there is no real way to change it without ripping it up and starting over. Rugs can be re-positioned and used in different ways throughout a home.
One of the trendiest styles is a muted acid wash rug with a pop of bright color, a fantastic accent for any room with a brighter color palette. If pattern is too much for the space or the client, try adding texture. For spaces that require a bit of texture, consider a plush shag area rug. We see this trend continuing to be a favorite among our clients. Shag rugs offer the client texture in the space without having wall-to-wall carpeting.
Koeckritz Rugs offers a wide range of area rugs in all types of styles, patterns, colors, and materials so you can request the exact size and type of area rug you want. You’ll be amazed at the value a simple area rug can offer, so contact us today to learn more about the area rugs we offer. 

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How to Make Your Dorm Room a Home Away From Home

When you’re trying to accessorize your dorm room, you need an interior that makes you feel comfortable but able to fit in a small space. The good news is, you don’t need huge carpets or oversized lamps to make your room feel like home. Carve out a home away from home at school with the following tips.
Remember, the right rug can tie the dorm room together, increase the comfort level of what may be a cramped space, and offer visual appeal that makes your dorm room feel more like home.

Make It Comfortable, Not Cluttered


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You probably have many mementos, pictures, and other keepsakes in your room at home you’d like to take with you to college. Take time to curate these things and only take what you need to feel at home; too much, and you’ll clutter your space. College life is demanding for most, and coming home to a stuffy and messy dorm isn’t conducive to good study habits.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

What most dorm rooms lack in terms of floor space they make up for in wall space. While you may need to share the available real estate with a roommate, you can make your dorm feel more like your own with movie posters, tapestries, your own artwork, or even prints you can check out of the local library. Just be sure to follow your school’s rules for decorations and compromise with your roommate to avoid friction over wall decorations.

Consider a New Dorm Rug

Koeckritz Rugs offers a wide selection of affordable and fashionable rugs to fit any space – custom cut to fit to your specifications. If your room feels cramped or you’re looking for ways to boost the comfort level of your room, our Cornerstone area rug collection offers fantastic economical options. We can also help you show your school pride with a custom-cut college rug for your dorm room. Contact Koeckritz Rugs today to see how we can help you turn your dorm into a true home away from home.

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Natural Fiber! Less Maintenance. More Time. For the Busy Homeowner in Mind.

It is no surprise that natural fiber floor coverings have and have will be a classic method of rug construction. With emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and design in recent years, natural fibers can be the way to go. Jute and sisal are great as they are eco friendly and constructed out of renewable resources. These natural fibers may not be the best for softness underfoot or stain resistance like some synthetic options. With the client’s needs in mind, it may steer you as the designer away from these materials. You can still achieve this natural woven look with something similar. 

Let’s Get Natural

Natural fiber floor coverings will always bring an element of nature and a sense of balance to a space. Sometimes the rough texture is a turn off to clients. The lack of stain resistance can be challenging when incorporating natural fibers into a client’s busy household. Still achieve the look, you the designer, imagined in the space… 

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Handle with Care

 When planning the space for the client’s home, consider an Indoor/Outdoor Flat Woven floor covering.These are a synthetic fiber & flat woven to mimic a natural rug sisal or jute rug. Made from polypropylene – excellent for color fastness and water resistance. These are easier to care for and clean – this style rugs can be taken outside and washed with water and air dry. Better yet, they are considered an indoor/ outdoor – they will hold up to the elements and daily home life. Adding a benefit for the client who has a growing family and busy schedule.  


 The synthetic material allows for beautiful and elegant patterns to be effortlessly created. Simple flat woven options mimicking casual sisal and jute to more colorful diamond and more geometric patterns. Here are some of our favorites that are a great alternative to sisal and jute area rugs. Read more about synthetic indoor/outdoor fibers here


Most of these rug options are of natural color tones making it a great alternative to jute and sisal rugs. The neutral colors mimic colors found or natural dyed  jute or sisal rugs making it a way to incorporate a natural look.To make sure the color is absolutely right, request a complimentary sample or two! 
It is possible to achieve the look of a natural fiber rug to best suit the space and the client’s needs with these great options. Custom sizes and sample swatches are available. Contact us for more information. 
Thanks for reading our blog post! 
Style: Kona. Color: Driftwood
Style: Martinique. Color: Frost    

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Area Rugs: How to Create a Custom Look in Your Home

One of the biggest advantages to a custom cut to fit rug is the ability to select the size that is most appropriate for the space. Some spaces are more unique and may require a special fit than standard size area rugs. Think of an area rug like an outfit. You wouldn’t want to wear something that is too small or wear something too large and frumpy. You would wear something that fits you well and compliments your frame – the same applies to an area rug. Getting the right size rug can make an impact on your space. A floor covering that is too large can engulf the room where as a rug that is too small is size will not give the room enough coverage or visual weight.
For spaces with angled walls and funky shapes there is a more tailored approach. You can create a unique shape area rug that is custom cut to fit. 
Before & After – Textured Shag area rug in Micro Grey.

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This project was custom cut to fit the seating area with their angled fireplace. You can see how color, placement and size are important to unifying the space and where customization should be used. Standard sizes can limit the way one feels and engages in the room. This Before & After transformation in a great example of how this truly impacts the living room. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on your own custom creation. 
  • Budget: When choosing a custom creation, it may sound expensive, but take a look at material first. You can have something custom cut from soft yet durable stain resistant fibers like a solution dyed polyester.  Thick and plush nylons and wools can add to your overall cost, if your budget allows. 
  • Style & Color: There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to style and color options. For all custom projects, samples are a must to compare color, quality, texture and feel. 
  • Form & Function: Consider the function of the space. Is this rug for a Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Entryway or Hallway? Is it low, medium or high traffic area?  This will help determine the height of the carpeting that is best suited for the space. 
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: When it comes to measuring for the custom rug there are a few things to consider.  Consider how much space you want around the room. If you are looking to create a sitting space consider the layout of the furniture. Do you want to create a seating area within the space? Painters tape is usually safe way to mark where and how you want the rug to be shaped. Try this if you need more visualization! 
  • Let’s Draw: Be sure to draw a rough sketch with detailed measurements and a photo of the area if need be. You can email your drawing to us for a quote. sales@koeckritzrugs.com
  • Production Time: Each project is different and requires different demands. Custom Production time can take 1-3 weeks depending on the project at hand.
  • Enjoy: Once your rug is complete, we ship it to you. Time to enjoy your custom creation! 
Each space is unique and can require special attention. A custom cut to fit area rug can solve the sales@koeckritzrugs.com most troubling of spaces and impact your space tremendously. These tips can help you create a welcoming and appealing environment. For more assistance & expertise to find the right floor covering, contact us.
Thanks for reading our blog! 

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4 Tips for Care and Maintenance of Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Home designers know that choosing the right carpets and rugs comes down to many more variables than aesthetics alone. When searching for the right indoor and outdoor rugs for a property, the owner will likely want options that are easy to manage and valuable for the long term, not requiring extensive upkeep.   Designers know that some outdoor rugs can offer a spot of casual style in interior spaces, like Koeckritz Rugs’ indoor/outdoor Couristan woven area rugs. Designers also know that when it comes to selecting the right rug for any space, aesthetics matter, but so do quality, durability, and ease of care. The homeowner won’t want to invest in an indoor or outdoor rug that won’t withstand normal wear-and-tear or require complicated maintenance on a regular basis. As a designer, you can guide your client toward selecting the best indoor or outdoor rugs for their available spaces and even provide some valuable insight concerning cleaning and upkeep.            








Choose the Right Location

As a designer, encourage your client to place rugs in the right locations – like entryways and high traffic areas. Color, texture, size, and shape can all have a dramatic impact on any interior space. Have your client describe how he or she wants to use the space you are designing and go from there. Start with some samples, finding those that fit the overall aesthetics of the interior or exterior living space and offer the most pleasing visual arrangements.  

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Consider Adding Waterproof Pads

For interior spaces, encourage your client to think about the future; does a waterproof pad with the rug sound like a wise addition? A waterproof pad can not only help preserve the rug itself, but also the surface beneath the rug. Explain the benefits of adding waterproof pads to your client so he or she can make an informed decision.  

Understand How to Clean Your Rug

It’s vital to make sure your client knows how to take care of the material of the new rug. Some materials require less upkeep than others, and using the wrong cleaning treatment on some types of rugs can ruin them completely. Take time to help your client understand the kind of upkeep he or she will need to invest in the new rug. Koeckritz Rugs offers many woven indoor/outdoor products that one can hose off with water and let air dry.    






Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Offer your clients tips on how to protect their new rugs from unnecessary damage. Teach your client how to properly clean spills and stains, general upkeep for the interior or exterior space where the rug is located, and basic tips for disinfection. These tips can help your client maintain the new rug easily and prevent unnecessary damage, further increasing the value of the new rug and preventing the need to replace it in the near future.   These tips can help your client not only select the perfect rug for the interior or exterior space he or she wants to enhance, but also help him or her maintain the rug for as long as possible. Offering your clients sound advice on their interior design choices and maintenance concerns will ultimately help you cultivate greater trust from your clients. Take a moment to browse through our collection of indoor/outdoor rugs and start thinking of which options would work best for your clients.  

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Carpet Tiles and Planks: Expert Guidance

One of the many options you have in designing your home’s flooring is carpet tiles and planks. You can arrange carpet tiles and planks of different textures and colors to form any pattern you desire. Learn more about how to install and choose carpet tiles for your house’s flooring needs.



First, you need to know the basics of installing carpet tiles and plans on your floor. You will need your tiles, a tool to cut them with, adhesive like stickers or tape, measuring tape, chalk, and a framing square. Make sure the floor is clean from debris and dirt, and let the tiles acclimate to the room first.  
  • Use measuring tape and chalk to mark the middle of the room.
  • Trace lines across the room and use the framing square to ensure they are square.
  • Use your first carpet tiles to plan a simple layout along the lines.
  • Place double-sided tape or any adhesive on corners of tiles and lay them down.
  • Continue to lay tiles and connect them to create the desired pattern.
  • Trim along the walls if there is extra tile material.

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In order to take full advantage of the properties of carpet tiles, make sure you mix and match different colors and shapes to create your preferred pattern, whether making an area rug or complete carpeting. Remember to not just create a fitting pattern within the floor, but also something that complements the rest of the room, particularly in a larger rug or wall-to-wall carpeting.  

Material Choice

When it comes to choosing carpet tiles and planks for a specific room, you must consider the strength of the material and the wear from the foot traffic. In addition, keep in mind the material backing your carpet tiles, such as fiberglass, vinyl, recycled vinyl, and urethane, as well as how it will affect the floors. Backing in general keeps the floor stable and protects the material from moisture.   Do you want to experiment with your own carpet tiles and planks? Koeckritz Rugs offers Peel and Stick Carpet Tile Planks, which are easy to install, clean and create your own pattern. Order yours today.  

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Which Rug Reflects Your Style and Personality?

Rug style and personalityA rug can be one of the most important elements of a room; they soften sounds, provide comfort, and enhance interior designs. When you look at area rug choices, you may wonder which one best fits your style. Should you choose one that’s traditional or contemporary? Will a Navajo, Persian, or Tibetan rug go best with your décor? Here are some of the most popular rug types explained.

Traditional Rugs

This type of rug features flowers and vines, medallions, and ornate borders. The very first ones came from Persia and lend an elegant, classic look wherever they’re used. Use them to separate formal seating and dining areas.

Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are extremely trendy whether you are designing a traditional space or a laid-back family room. They are available in patterns like those found on traditional rugs, but have the worn and faded look of an antique.

Natural-Fiber Rugs

These rugs are made from materials such as sea grass or jute. They’re durable and have complex woven textures that add visual interest. Choose them when you want to create a casual feel.

Moroccan Rugs

These fluffy, shaggy rugs have thick fibers that kept Moroccan mountain dwellers warm during the coldest months. Their softness adds a luxurious feel to bedrooms and looks inviting next to the fireplace.

Tibetan Rugs

Traditionally, Tibetan rugs come from highland sheep’s wool. They use a knotting method that is different from any other wool weaving. They come in many different types of designs that range from floral prints to tiger stripes.

Navajo Rugs

These rugs are textiles often woven by the Navajo people of the four corners. They feature bright colors including red, green, yellow, and black woven into angular patterns.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs come in popular patterns like chevron or trellis. They are less formal than traditional rugs and are often easy-maintenance for busy families. Koeckritz Rugs, Inc., provides pre-made rugs from area manufacturers and custom-cut rugs for every taste. Whether you’re looking for a faux animal print, a sports team logo. or chic modern shag, contact us today.

Koeckritz Rugs Custom Carpet and Rugs

Custom carpet Are you looking for custom carpet and rugs for your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Koeckritz Rugs, a manufacturer of custom rugs, has been in the flooring business for several years and has vast experience in both retail, commercial and residential applications. Customers are our core focus, so you are guaranteed to receive the product you want in the time you want it. We make ordering your custom carpet or rug an easy process.  You will choose the size, color, and material of the product to create your perfect carpet or rug.  From beginning to end, we will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Koeckritz Rugs is frequently recommended when a customer is looking to buy an area rug in a specified size, design, and color as there is a large variety available.  We have dozens of styles, colors, and materials on-site to choose from. To begin your custom rug or carpet order, please visit our custom carpet webpage or call us at (847) 859-5459.