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custom rug, custom area rugs

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Winter in Illinois, and indeed most of the northern and northeastern parts of the country, tends to be cold and wet, making the need for a good mudroom rug all the more dire. You certainly don’t want to be dragging slush, mud, and snow into your cozy home, so a properly designed and placed custom rug at your front door is the only way to staunch its endless flow. Picking the right indoor/outdoor rug relies as much on your own personal needs as the material itself, so the following aspects should be considered before you grab your wallet.

How much use is it going to get?

This depends on the size of your household and how active its members are. If you live alone and only leave for work or errands, you probably won’t need a hyper-durable indoor/outdoor custom cut rug; you’ll be able to get by with a simple braided rug, or cotton rug for extremely basic purposes. However, if you’ve got three kids and two dogs — all of which are very active — you may want to opt for custom rugs that can withstand the nonstop abuse.

Do you care more about design or practicality?

There are limitless options when it comes to carpeting, and even more when you’re considering custom made rugs. If your main goal is simply to stop mud and cold, dirty water from making its way deeper into your home, then just about anything will do. If you’re much more design savvy and care about creating an entrance that meshes well with the rest of your home, you’ll want to put more thought into it. Over a third of respondents in an interior design trends survey stated their interest in a neutral color palette, so that may be a great place to begin. While your mudroom is mainly a place for guests and family members to shed their winter garments before stepping over the threshold and into the home, it is still a part of the house. Your personal interests and desires are the main things you should consider when purchasing a custom rug of any kind, so don’t skimp or settle for less at the very entrance to your home.
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custom rug, custom area rugs
Cutting A Rug: Finding The Best Rug For Your Mudroom This Winter