Iron Driveway Gates
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Iron Driveway Gates

Securing your property is now more than ever, an essential aspect of the design of your home. The gate to the garage entrance or the yard is both the visible border between the property and the street, as well as the figurehead of the house. When choosing the right driveway gate from us, you will be spoiled with the optical diversity of our gates, in addition to their balanced use of space.

Your driveway gate must be something extraordinary. It must match the style of your house, be representative and demonstrate your good taste. At the same time, the gate must also meet the requirements regarding safety, and contribute to deterring impostors.

If you are thinking about what material to choose for your driveway gate, we can give you some guidelines here at From Europe to You. Regarding style, the choice is ultimately left to your taste, but we can restrict the choice of materials for your driveway gate into three main types: Cast Iron, Brass & Stone.

Popular materials used for gates

Although the most commonly used materials for driveway gates is iron and wood, not all materials may be beneficial regarding longevity and security. Let's take a look in more detail.

Wood: Wooden gates are a popular choice - mainly because they can be customized in size, shape and style preferences.As wood can deform over time, this can result in wear and tear. Keep this in mind, knowing that you may have to replace wooden entry doors more often than those made of iron.

Iron: It is one of the safest entrance gate options for a house regarding intrusions. The gate remains very strong and durable for many years.

Attractive designs of iron driveway gates

Iron driveway gates serve to strengthen the security of the house because it prevents thieves from stealing very easily since in case they want to enter the house, they must be able to climb very high or make a lot of noise when using tools to achieve their goal.

Many people assume that iron gates do not have attractive designs because it still follows the memory of the models of the past. But the reality is that modern gates are very aesthetic, they go according to the house and harmonize perfectly with the environment.

Keeping the iron gate is in excellent condition is essential because, among other things, you will be protecting it from possible humidity and the appearance of rust. It is also important to note that, in case you want to paint your driveway gate, you should use enamel paint to protect it.

Durable and good quality iron driveway gates

At From Europe to You, we offer a wide range of iron entrance gates. As your gate is the first personal contact, your visitors have with your home, opt for a gate that can also complement your home interior entrance. Our gates add a layer of security, but also offer a beautiful and artistic way to improve the front of your home.

Our selection of gates come in 3 primary materials which include cast iron, bronze, and stone. To view our full range, visit our gates and fences page.

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Iron Driveway Gates
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