Natural Fiber! Less Maintenance. More Time. Busy Homeowner in Mind.
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Natural Fiber! Less Maintenance. More Time. For the Busy Homeowner in Mind.

It is no surprise that natural fiber floor coverings have and have will be a classic method of rug construction. With emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and design in recent years, natural fibers can be the way to go. Jute and sisal are great as they are eco friendly and constructed out of renewable resources. These natural fibers may not be the best for softness underfoot or stain resistance like some synthetic options. With the client’s needs in mind, it may steer you as the designer away from these materials. You can still achieve this natural woven look with something similar. 

Let’s Get Natural

Natural fiber floor coverings will always bring an element of nature and a sense of balance to a space. Sometimes the rough texture is a turn off to clients. The lack of stain resistance can be challenging when incorporating natural fibers into a client’s busy household. Still achieve the look, you the designer, imagined in the space… 

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Handle with Care

 When planning the space for the client’s home, consider an Indoor/Outdoor Flat Woven floor covering.These are a synthetic fiber & flat woven to mimic a natural rug sisal or jute rug. Made from polypropylene – excellent for color fastness and water resistance. These are easier to care for and clean – this style rugs can be taken outside and washed with water and air dry. Better yet, they are considered an indoor/ outdoor – they will hold up to the elements and daily home life. Adding a benefit for the client who has a growing family and busy schedule.  


 The synthetic material allows for beautiful and elegant patterns to be effortlessly created. Simple flat woven options mimicking casual sisal and jute to more colorful diamond and more geometric patterns. Here are some of our favorites that are a great alternative to sisal and jute area rugs. Read more about synthetic indoor/outdoor fibers here


Most of these rug options are of natural color tones making it a great alternative to jute and sisal rugs. The neutral colors mimic colors found or natural dyed  jute or sisal rugs making it a way to incorporate a natural look.To make sure the color is absolutely right, request a complimentary sample or two! 
It is possible to achieve the look of a natural fiber rug to best suit the space and the client’s needs with these great options. Custom sizes and sample swatches are available. Contact us for more information. 
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Style: Kona. Color: Driftwood
Style: Martinique. Color: Frost    

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