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Odd Size Rugs

Koeckritz is the #1 seller of Custom Cut Rugs.

As the largest custom size and shape dealer for rugs and carpets in the United States, we deal with a wide variety of Area Rugs and Carpets.
We custom cut rugs and carpets to your specifications so no matter how odd your shape and size is, we are able to create it for you. The rugs and carpets are cut to your shape and size and shipped same day. If you’re looking for a variety of custom size rugs, we have a wide range of rugs. Pick one and choose the custom size and shape. We can do this on any order, so place your order today. So if you’re looking for Odd size area rugs or carpets or if you have any questions, chat with us or give us a call at 866-286-6608.

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Custom Size Area Rugs Available

Are you looking for custom made rugs? Koeckritz Rugs is the #1 seller of custom made area rugs. As well as custom size area rugs we also offer custom outdoor rugs, sports rugs, braided rugs, and much more.
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Custom Size and shapes

Are you having trouble finding the perfect rug for a particular space in your home or can’t seem to find one that fits? Odd size rugs may be a challenge for some, but at Koeckritz Rugs, Inc., they are one of our specialties. Whether you are interested in purchasing a ready-to-use odd size rug or need to customize a rug to fit perfectly in a particular space, we can help.

Odd size rugs could be exactly what you need to make the most of an indoor or outdoor space on your property. When you order a custom-cut carpet or rug from us, we’ll cut and bind it to your specifications the same day you order it. We can handle the most specific custom carpet orders, so don’t think your ideas for odd size rugs are too outlandish. You may have found a rug with the right texture or color, but perhaps it doesn’t fit in the space you want it. Or, maybe you found one that’s the perfect size, but the texture or material leaves much to be desired.

Koeckritz Rugs, Inc. offers a full range of textures, patterns, colors, and binding options for carpets and rugs. Instead of wasting time looking through premade rugs for the perfect odd size to fit your space, call Koeckritz Rugs, Inc. today and have us design your ideal odd size rugs.

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