Carpet Pieces for Stairs

Stair Tread Rugs, carpet tread

Hardwood stairs are beautiful, but they can also be dangerously slippery, and everyday use causes damage to the surface. At Koeckritz Rugs, we have the perfect solution! Our high-quality, custom stair treads and custom carpet pieces for stairs provide style and safety for everyday use. They also offer hazardous slip and common wear protection, minimize noise, provide senior pet assistance, and cushion your steps. We have multiple designs to complement all preferences and offer custom size wood stair treads to fit the size or shape you need. One of our specialties at Koeckritz Rugs is cut-to-size stair treads, because we understand that every home is unique! Our individual carpet and stair tread area rugs are easy to install and replace, so you can conveniently change them out when redecorating! Find custom carpet pieces for stairs at Koeckritz Rugs in Elk Grove Village or check out our online selection below.