Thick Soft Rugs & Carpets

When you want to purchase carpeting, most times, you need something functional to cover up harder flooring. In those cases, look for solid-color carpet to get the job done; these thick, soft rugs offer enhanced comfort without distracting from the room’s décor.

Choose between a carpet designed for the harsh elements of the outdoors or something made of softer materials to have inside your home. Whatever you need it for, we have a solid-color rug for your needs.

Speak with a customer service representative to find out what type of carpet best suits your needs; they can help you establish the size and shape of your new thick, soft rug to fit your room.

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  • Cornerstone 25 oz Indoor Frieze Area Rug Collection | 25 oz 3/8″ Thick Frieze Carpet Area Rug in 4 Multiple Color Options

    $1.78 - $11.65 / sq. ft.
  • Tuftex Celeb 100oz Super Thick Shag Indoor Area Rug | 2″ Thick Celeb Super Thick Luxury Area Rug

    $17.36 - $30.38 / Price varies by size
  • Kids Carpet Soft Indoor Area Rug Collection | 30oz Kids Indoor Area Rug In Multiple Colors

    $3.30 - $15.47 / sq. ft.
  • Dyersburg Cut Pile Indoor Area Rug Collection | 1/2″ Thick 30 oz. Durable Cut Pile Indoor Area Rug Multiple Colors | Customize your size

    $3.60 - $14.86 / sq. ft.
  • Tuftex Pop Culture Cut Pile Indoor Area Rug Collection | Pop Culture Soft Cut Pile Area Rug Multiple Colors

    $7.57 - $19.73 / sq. ft.
  • Heavenly Ultra Soft Area Rug Collection | 100% Nylon | Customize Your Size

  • Opulent Ultra Soft Area Rug Collection | 100% Nylon ¾” thick | Customize your size and shape

  • Jade Green – Soft Touch Indoor-Outdoor Area Rug Carpet 3/16″ Thick | Lightweight Olefin | Customize Your Size and Shape

    $1.41 - $13.85 / sq. ft.