Reasons You Should Have Custom Cut Rugs ASAP
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Reasons You Should Have Custom Cut Rugs ASAP

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Interior decor is the spirit of your home’s aesthetic, especially custom cut rugs. When people come in, it’s the subtle pieces of comfort that bolster a welcoming atmosphere. These are the pieces you have control over. One doesn’t change a room to fit decoration but uses decoration to transform a room. Carpeting has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. Fairly so, too. The carpeting crimes committed against hardwoods are nearly unspeakable. However, custom cut rugs have a high place in interior decor and can fashionably bring a room together. We’re not talking wall-to-wall carpeting, but well-intentioned, better-designed custom rugs cut precisely for your space. Here’s why you should have them.


Custom cut rugs are remarkably comparable to high-end fashion. Yes, you can buy most things off the rack at any boutique, but the rack only holds a few options versus the variety of a whole swatch book. Custom rugs give you a world of variety to choose from so you’re not limiting your own decorative options.  

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Made To Measure

Ideally, a rug’s edges should be 12 to 14 inches from a room’s perimeter. That’s all well and good, but any odd area rug isn’t going to be a perfect fit for the dimension of every room and floorplan out there. Custom rugs put the power back in your hands by providing a bespoke decorative piece to any room measurement you may require. Homes are carefully built and we aren’t changing rooms to fit rugs, so why not custom cut rugs to fit rooms?

Tastes Change, Buy A Few

It’s no secret that our personal decorative tastes change over time. With custom rugs, nothing is keeping you from having a few different ones made. Different styles, colors, texture, try out something wild. You’re already having custom rugs cut to fit your own room dimensions, so live a little. Get a safe style. Make a statement piece. Who knows, if you get a few different ones, you could shake up the creative inspiration for other interior decor projects. You are the queens and kings of your abode. Each room has its own respective decorative crown and, for some, custom-made rugs are exactly what those rooms need to sparkle with a touch of royalty.  

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