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Cutting A Rug: Finding The Best Rug For Your Mudroom This Winter

Winter in Illinois, and indeed most of the northern and northeastern parts of the country, tends to be cold and wet, making the need for a good mudroom rug all the more dire. You certainly don’t want to be dragging slush, mud, and snow into your cozy home, so a properly designed and placed custom rug at your front door is the only way to staunch its endless flow. Picking the right indoor/outdoor rug relies as much on your own personal needs as the material itself, so the following aspects should be considered before you grab your wallet.

How much use is it going to get?

This depends on the size of your household and how active its members are. If you live alone and only leave for work or errands, you probably won’t need a hyper-durable indoor/outdoor custom cut rug; you’ll be able to get by with a simple braided rug, or cotton rug for extremely basic purposes. However, if you’ve got three kids and two dogs — all of which are very active — you may want to opt for custom rugs that can withstand the nonstop abuse.

Do you care more about design or practicality?

There are limitless options when it comes to carpeting, and even more when you’re considering custom made rugs. If your main goal is simply to stop mud and cold, dirty water from making its way deeper into your home, then just about anything will do. If you’re much more design savvy and care about creating an entrance that meshes well with the rest of your home, you’ll want to put more thought into it. Over a third of respondents in an interior design trends survey stated their interest in a neutral color palette, so that may be a great place to begin. While your mudroom is mainly a place for guests and family members to shed their winter garments before stepping over the threshold and into the home, it is still a part of the house. Your personal interests and desires are the main things you should consider when purchasing a custom rug of any kind, so don’t skimp or settle for less at the very entrance to your home.

Custom Made Rugs Aren’t a Rush Decision, Follow Our Lead

Custom cut rugsMost people don’t know when they need custom made rugs. Fortunately, you have us. Did you know that only 20% of Americans feel genuinely happy with their home decor? Isn’t that a disturbing statistic? We can only help with so much, so let’s get you — and your floors — covered. Carpeting is little more than understanding the space you’re going to have it in. Before you lay carpet, observe your space and critically analyze it. Let’s consider some of the important questions before you jump into custom cut rugs that you regret.

The whole space?

You cannot stumble into purchasing custom made rugs blindly. It sort of defeats the purpose of the whole idea of custom made. Take the dimensions of the rooms you’re looking to have fitted with bespoke rugs. The old construction adage measure twice, cut once applies phenomenally here. Look at that room and measure it again. Do you want to carpet the whole thing? Does it have an abnormal shape? Know exactly what you want, down to the inch, before making the call.


Let’s think back to that statistic of a mere 20% of people being satisfied with their home decor. A large part of that dissatisfaction is based on the inevitable human propensity to not like what they have. Think about the permanence of the design you want for your custom made rugs because they’ll end up being foundational parts of your home decor and they’ll likely be there for a while.

What about the vibe?

This might sound a little psychedelic, but the vibe of your space matters. Once you’ve thought about the physical space and permanence of the custom made rugs you’re getting, reflect on the feel of the room and how it might change over time. Once custom made rugs are put in, you’re laying down the foundation of the vibe of your room. Build that vibe from the floor up with something you know your rooms can work with over time. Make sure that foundation remains firm for any design changes that the room could face in the future. The gist of everything here is that whether you’re buying custom made area rugs, full room carpeting, or luxury rugs, it’s a careful process. You’re building interior decor that you want to love and love for a long time. Follow these principles and you won’t have rugrets.