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Area Rugs: How to Create a Custom Look in Your Home

One of the biggest advantages to a custom cut to fit rug is the ability to select the size that is most appropriate for the space. Some spaces are more unique and may require a special fit than standard size area rugs. Think of an area rug like an outfit. You wouldn’t want to wear something that is too small or wear something too large and frumpy. You would wear something that fits you well and compliments your frame – the same applies to an area rug. Getting the right size rug can make an impact on your space. A floor covering that is too large can engulf the room where as a rug that is too small is size will not give the room enough coverage or visual weight.
For spaces with angled walls and funky shapes there is a more tailored approach. You can create a unique shape area rug that is custom cut to fit. 
Before & After – Textured Shag area rug in Micro Grey.
This project was custom cut to fit the seating area with their angled fireplace. You can see how color, placement and size are important to unifying the space and where customization should be used. Standard sizes can limit the way one feels and engages in the room. This Before & After transformation in a great example of how this truly impacts the living room. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on your own custom creation. 
  • Budget: When choosing a custom creation, it may sound expensive, but take a look at material first. You can have something custom cut from soft yet durable stain resistant fibers like a solution dyed polyester.  Thick and plush nylons and wools can add to your overall cost, if your budget allows. 
  • Style & Color: There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to style and color options. For all custom projects, samples are a must to compare color, quality, texture and feel. 
  • Form & Function: Consider the function of the space. Is this rug for a Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Entryway or Hallway? Is it low, medium or high traffic area?  This will help determine the height of the carpeting that is best suited for the space. 
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: When it comes to measuring for the custom rug there are a few things to consider.  Consider how much space you want around the room. If you are looking to create a sitting space consider the layout of the furniture. Do you want to create a seating area within the space? Painters tape is usually safe way to mark where and how you want the rug to be shaped. Try this if you need more visualization! 
  • Let’s Draw: Be sure to draw a rough sketch with detailed measurements and a photo of the area if need be. You can email your drawing to us for a quote. sales@koeckritzrugs.com
  • Production Time: Each project is different and requires different demands. Custom Production time can take 1-3 weeks depending on the project at hand.
  • Enjoy: Once your rug is complete, we ship it to you. Time to enjoy your custom creation! 
Each space is unique and can require special attention. A custom cut to fit area rug can solve the sales@koeckritzrugs.com most troubling of spaces and impact your space tremendously. These tips can help you create a welcoming and appealing environment. For more assistance & expertise to find the right floor covering, contact us.
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Dog Treads

By Koeckritz Rugs

Custom Dog Assist Carpet Stair Treads

People go to great lengths to care for their pet and our Dog Assist Stair Treads can be one of those solutions for your furry family member. We get may custom requests for our Dog Assist Stair Treads and Custom Stair treads alike. Here is one of our projects that we would like to share. This project helped make this little pup climb the stairs with ease.  

The Challenge: Little Pup, Big Stairs

For Chris’s dog, the staircase might as well be Mt. Everest. With the smooth surface of the steps, it also makes it difficult for any dog or pet to gain any type of traction. The homeowners also needed something that blended in with the contemporary style of the home and steps. (Typical sizes measure 8” x 24” and 9” x 27” to fit most steps) The homeowners wanted something that would still allow for the beauty of the stairs to be seen and assistance for their pet to climb the stairs with confidence. This is where our custom options come into play. We are able to cut to different shapes and sizes needed for many projects – this one proving no exception. We worked together with Chris to come up with a design solution to suit his space.      

Production and Lead Time

Depending on the project lead time from start to finish usually takes 2-3 weeks – from sample selection to your order arrival. Each Dog Assist Stair Tread is cut to fit and bound to complete the look in a coordinating fabric tape. It is sewn into the edge of the carpet tread. This helps prevent wear and gives the stair treads a finished look. For Chris’s project it took about 3 weeks from samples to customization and delivery.  

Final Result

Over A period of a few weeks and sample approval, Chris was able to make a final selection on what worked best in the space. His dog can now climb the stairs with confidence. Not to mention these Dog Assist Stair Treads complement the interior style too!
“The steps worked out perfectly and look great! Thanks for the excellent service!”
Kind Regards,

When Can I Expect My Custom Stair Treads

  Depending on the project lead time from start to finish usually takes 2-3 weeks – from sample selection to your order arrival. Each Dog Assist Stair Tread is cut to fit and bound to complete the look in a coordinating fabric tape. It is sewn into the edge of the carpet tread. This helps prevent wear and gives the stair treads a finished look.  

Need To Know

When measuring for your custom stair treads like this one we always recommend to stay ½” away from the front of the step. This ensures proper wear of the stair treads. For more unique steps and cut outs. Templates are needed to make your custom creation. They can be made from paper and sent by mail to our location.    

Consider Pattern

Most patterns will work for customization. We like to stay within a 8” -9” pattern repeat so that you can get the most out of the pattern. Otherwise… the pattern can appear to be chopped up and not look visually pleasing. No matter what kind of pet you have, Koeckritz Rugs has the perfect solution for your flooring needs. Check out our rug selections today! For more custom Dog Assist Stair Treads, guidance, and complimentary stair tread samples read below.  Our Dog Assist Stair Treads are also a great help for your senior and aging pet. You can read more stories and reviews here.  
“Our 15 year old dog had become hesitant going down the stairs. While he was unsure about the treads at first, he now goes up and down freely. One review complained about the quality of the double-sided tape that comes with the treads, but we have had no problems with the tape and we have been using it for several weeks now.”
“These turned out perfect!! They look great and the custom shapes and sizes turned out so good. We are very pleased!! Definitely recommend. Thank you!”
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The Rising Trend of Customized Design

In this current era, there is a greater emphasis in consumer customization, in everything from food orders to remodeling. Consumers want more products and experiences that they can call their own and take full ownership of. This trend is also extending to interior design.

Social Media Exposure

One of the biggest factors in the growing popularity of custom interior design is social media. Certain people, such as influencers, give eager viewers access to their lifestyles. Particularly, consumers see how expensive tastes and resources impact the decorations of rooms and interiors. The greater exposure to these luxurious lives through social media increases the desire for viewers to obtain their own furniture, decorations, carpeting, etc., and design their interiors to their own taste.



Another factor in the rise of the customization trend is the convenience it provides. Consumers now want more options and easier access when purchasing items, even when they are buying rare sofas, statues, or rugs. The internet and other technological gadgets encourage the desire for increased convenience and comfort.

Role of Technology

New technologies continue to give consumers a more involved role in their interior design. For instance, new augmented reality (AR) technology allows consumers to choose from existing selections of wall and floor fixtures, covers, and arrange how everything ties together via simulation before they decide on a final purchase. Additionally, consumers may work with an e-designer to measure the aspects of a room and make decisions on what furniture, rugs, and other elements to purchase online. Both options increase choices for the consumer while also providing convenience and cost-efficiency.   Any great interior design needs to have excellent flooring to tie the entire room together. Koeckritz Rugs features an extensive collection of custom area rugs to further increase your design choices, as well as pre-made rugs and luxury area rugs to combine with your chosen room design. Order the perfect rug for you today.

By Koeckritz Rugs

Unique Projects: Cape May Custom Outdoor Rug Project

Oftentimes, clients come to Koeckritz Rugs requesting a custom rug uniquely suited to their space. Our craftsmen then take that rough drawing and crafts a custom cut rug solution perfect for their needs. As you can imagine, each project – and each client – presents a different set of needs and challenges. For example, we recently had a customer contact us for a custom outdoor rug custom cut specifically for a home’s balcony in Michigan. Among their wishes was a nice space to enjoy summer days and evenings outside, so they needed a rug that can survive the elements. In addition, the client was looking to inspire a ‘casual beach’ feel in their space. With our expert staff collaborating directly with the client, we were able to achieve a space that perfectly captured that summer on the beach feel. Overall, this project took about two weeks, including delivery to their home. Pictured: Style: Cape May – Color: Sea Mist Placing a custom order with Koeckritz Rugs is simple:
  • Request a sample. You will be able to peruse complimentary samples of our materials and choose the one that works best for your space.
  • Provide a drawing. We’ll require a drawing of your ideal rug shape,complete with desired measurements. If you like, a photo of your space is often helpful.
  • Receive a quote. Based on the material, size of your planned rug, and amount of customization, Koeckritz Rugs will present you with a quote for your request.
  • Customizing. After you’ve ordered, sit back and relax, Koeckritz completes all the cutting and finished edges for you.
  • Shipping. After your rug is complete, Koeckritz Rugs will package, and ship your creation directly to your preferred shipping address.
Production time for custom orders can take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on customization and shipping distance. As mentioned, this particular rug project took approximately two weeks. If you are in need of a custom cut area rug for your space, or if you have other questions or concerns, reach out and contact us today.  
Area Rugs: How to Create a Custom Look in Your Home
Dog Treads
Custom Dog Assist Carpet Stair Treads
The Rising Trend of Customized Design
Unique Projects: Cape May Custom Outdoor Rug Project