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Designers Need to Know What’s Under the Rug: Felt Pads and Rubber Backed Felt Pads

An area rug serves several purposes in a living space – the pattern and texture can evoke a feeling to the space and inform the other décor choices of a room. The rug is only a piece of the puzzle, however. The area rug pad will affect the feeling and ultimately the function of the floor covering. Here’s what you, as  designers, need to know when choosing rug pads for clients.


Proprietary chevon patterning prevents lateral movement of the rug in any direction. Its synthetic fiber construction also works to prevent decomposition and shredding, and it helps prevent mildew and odors when it becomes damp. One of the main benefits is versatility – it can lay on wood, tile, stone, terrazzo, and even highly waxed and polished surface floors without damaging them. As an added bonus, it is 100% hypoallergenic, an important consideration for many clients.


Duo Lock

The Duo Lock rug pad comes in felt and rubber construction, which helps minimize slipping and adds a soft protective layer. Its construction will make the client’s walk soft and comfortable. This makes it a good choice for rooms where plushness is important, such as family rooms. It is important to realize, however, that when exposed to high friction, the rubber back can stick to client floors. As such, it may not be a good choice for highly polished hard surface floors.


Felt area rug pads can be a good choice for those hard surface floors that are highly polished or delicate, as they will not damage the floor’s surface over time. They also add an element of plushness and minimize slide. Since they do not have a rubber backing, however, they should also be anchored with furniture to help assure that the rub remains in place on slippery floors.
Rug pads are an important finishing touch for your client floor spaces. As designers, knowing how to help clients pick the right pad for their space can help them improve the longevity of both their floor and its coverings.

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