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Interior Design: Watch for These 7 Interior Design Trends in 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, good interior designers are looking to the horizon of 2020. Several trends help inform interior design style in 2020 – including an increased emphasis on minimalism and prizing cleanliness over clutter. Indeed, clean lines and modern themes will play a role in 2020 – with some exception, of course. Here are some of the interior design trends you can be on the lookout for in 2020.

Grandmillenial Style

So-called Grandmillennial style is a celebration of both old and new. The look involves combining old world elements – such as natural fiber rugs, topiaries, and scallops – with modern twists such as clean line furniture and avante garde furniture. And, of course, custom cut options never go out of style and can transform your space. 

Bold Monochromes

Grey, grey and more grey are out. For the new decade, don’t be afraid of bold monochromes. Rich hues such as cobalt blue and emerald green convey elegance and pave the way for warmer toned accents such as gold.
interior design


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Mixing the Old and the New

For 2020, a little eclecticism is a good thing. Don’t be afraid to mix and match locally coveted souvenirs with sleek modern design elements. Remember, a home should tell a story about the person living in it – make sure that story is as vibrant as the client.

A Dark Painted Door

Adding a rich color to an interior foot adds both depth and character to a space. As an artistic element, it can effectively replace the need for more wall art. Some rich hardware and a flawless rug pull the whole room look together.

interior design

Antique Accents

Goodbye, industrial aesthetic – we’re replacing your coldness with a warmth that only antiquing can provide. Warmer hardware, accents with patina, even a tapestry or two – these homes can automatically make a home feel cozier. Antiqued or distressed rugs help a house feel more like a home by providing a lived-in look.

Performance Fabric

It looks like 2020 is the year where functionality takes the edge over form. A truly remarkable piece is one that accomplishes both at the same time. Performance fabrics – such as those that withstand the daily wear and tear of children and pets – are in vogue. Families are often willing to pay more for materials that will stand the test of time and the whatever stains their daily lives throw at them. Today’s performance fabrics can withstand the mightiest of messes while still maintaining a chic aesthetic.

High Contrast Color Combos

While monochrome is in, so are dynamic duos that make a powerful statement when used together. Black and white always make for a dramatic yin and yang, but don’t forget to add in layers of warmth for richness and depth.
In 2020, interior designers can expect to look past the tired old trends of cool neutrals and everything in a house looking “just so.” Homeowners are accepting that their living spaces can look lived in, though cleanliness will be prized over clutter. Antiquing patinas and warm accents help break up the swaths of neutral tones. Combining the old with the new will be the main theme entering a new decade. Contact us to learn more!

The Importance of Circle Space in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a wonderful time for children. For many, they get to experience a real learning-focused classroom for the first time. Preschool lays the groundwork for working in groups, following instructions, and learning through play, but kindergarten is essentially the beginning of the true school experience. A kindergarten teacher who believed that circle time is an essential part of the kindergarten experience wanted to maximize the impact of circle time, and she discovered that the Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats from Koeckritz were the perfect solution.

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kindergartenCircle time is an opportunity for kindergartners to work together while cultivating strong individual learning experiences. However, a large circle that all the students share can become a distraction or even a point of contention. Her new Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats quickly became a functional solution with a few surprising benefits. Children not only had more personal space and independence due to having access to their own carpet circles but also experienced more learning experiences that were simply not possible with one large, shared circle. The teacher started experimenting with new ways to arrange the circle seats, creating fun and engaging activities for the students. The circle seats not only became a regular part of the students’ everyday classroom routine, but also a time for engaging activities like sitting in certain areas based on names, choosing different colors for different reasons, arranging colors in different patterns, and much more.
The children were delighted to play new “games” with their circle seats that reinforced concepts like color identification, following instructions, and working both as a team and individually. This change also came with the added benefit of providing each student with defined personal space, and kindergarten is usually a time when many children are starting to cultivate their own preferences in regard to personal space. The new carpet circles became a functional part of the kindergarten experience, providing the students with more memorable and more engaging activities each day.

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How Circle Rugs Can Improve Seating Options in the Intermediate Classroom

classroomIntermediate classroom teachers face many challenges. Fifth graders are at a pivotal time in their educational careers; they are transitioning out of early education and into the middle school years. A fifth-grade teacher with 28 students in the classroom strived to improve the learning experiences in her classroom. Her aim was to provide students with new and intriguing experiences that presented information in more engaging ways. This not only leads to higher engagement among students, but also increases information retention by creating more memorable learning experiences.
As a result, the teacher often had multiple lessons and activities happening at once. One of the challenges she faced was appropriate seating arrangements that allowed students to learn comfortably while enabling multiple lesson formats. Some of the types of searing options she tried including:
  •   Stadium seating. The teacher arranged desks in angled rows, hoping to alter the perspective for each lesson and keep the children focused. This didn’t work out as she felt that some of her students were simply too far away during each lesson.
  •   Modified horseshoe. Next, the teacher arranged the desks in a horseshoe shape. While this saved space and allowed the teacher a wide teaching space in the middle of the students, she found that the opposite-facing desks created distractions.
  •   Group seating. The solution came with group or team seating, with groups of desks joined together to form multiple islands throughout the classroom. This worked the best, and the teacher decided to take it a step further.
circle seatsThe teacher ordered Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats to provide alternative seating options for different activities throughout the school day. She found that this created the most comfortable stations throughout the classroom, allowing her to maintain her differentiated teaching style and providing each student with equal attention and access to lesson material without creating distractions.                                                                                                                                                                                         Unique teaching styles can provide students with more memorable and engaging learning experiences, and the right seating can empower and motivate students by providing them with comfortable spaces during each school day.

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Tips for Using Circle Seats in the Preschool Classroom

circle seatsAnyone who can recall their time at preschool will likely have fond memories of circle time. Children gather around a carpeted circle to listen to stories, play games, and learn through play. However, such a simple thing can be a challenge if you’re the one in charge. Imagine a preschool teacher searching for a way to convene her room of three-year-old students for circle time in an inviting and comforting way. The classroom she’s working with features a large rug in the center of the floor where the preschoolers would gather for circle time, but the teacher quickly learned that circle time can just as easily drive children apart as it can bring them together. Moving chairs and managing personal space isn’t easy for the little ones. For one preschool teacher, she found the answer. 
Preschool years tend to be when most children start developing their sense of personal space. The preschool teacher noticed that while her room was arranged for optimal learning experiences, circle time was quickly becoming a chore, even causing arguments at some points as children started bickering over their favorite spots. The teacher wanted a solution to quell circle time disruptions while maintaining an atmosphere focused on learning.
circle seats
The teacher decided to try the Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Rainbow Multi Set of 18-inch round rugs. Each student received his or her own circle rug, and the teacher instructed the students to gather in a circle, each on his or her own personal rug. This was an easy instruction to follow, providing the students with a sense of structure and routine while simultaneously providing them with personal space. This new form of circle time became an everyday expectation and part of the school day routine. The teacher was able to use the circles as additional lessons, sometimes instructing the students to choose different colored circles on different days. This helped with color identification, waiting to take turns, and following instructions within a group.
The teacher’ new Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Rainbow Multi Set quickly became much more than just a means of organizing circle time better but also a valuable part of her student’s early education, helping them adjust to the classroom setting with more personal space and enriching activities that enhanced every school day.

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6 Luxury Area Rugs Your Client Will Love This Fall

Fall is just on the horizon, which means many clients are interested in mixing up their design and décor. Fall rings in the holidays, which means many will be entertaining guests. We all want our living spaces to look their best before company arrives. Luxury area rugs are some of the most versatile tools available to designers restyling client living spaces. Koeckritz’s extensive selection of area rugs has something to appeal to every design aesthetic.
Our Super Shaggy Indoor Rug collection is the height of luxury. Clients can sink their toes into its fabric, experiencing comfort in every step. Available in a wide range of hues, from on-trend ivory to cool peacock blue, our custom shag rugs make a statement.

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The Milliken Cavatori Marble Pattern Indoor Area Rug Collection is the height of modernity and sophistication. With its sleek lines and contemporary styling, it makes for a perfect addition to grand rooms and offices.
Our Tuftex Celeb Super Thick Shag Indoor Rug collection is the perfect marriage of comfort and modern style. Ideal for anywhere family gathers, it is available in a variety of timeless hues. Its plush feel also makes it a welcome addition to a nursery.
The Appreciation Indoor Repeat Pattern Area Rug Collection is great for those spaces where a clients wants pattern and texture, but does not want to overwhelm other design elements. Paired with an appropriate pad, it would be a statement making choices for a modern den or formal dining room.
Our Coral Springs Indoor Area Rug Collection brings the warmth and vibrancy of coastal living year round. Perfect for the beach house or sunroom, the cheerful, modern pattern delights no matter the season.
The Milliken Artful Legacy Pattern Indoor Rug Collection features contemporary styling and timeless design. Ideal for formal spaces and the traditional aesthetic, this rug seamlessly blends with existing décor.
Our extensive collection of custom rugs can help you design client spaces that speak to their own personal style. For more information about how we can help, contact us.

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Natural Fiber! Less Maintenance. More Time. For the Busy Homeowner in Mind.

It is no surprise that natural fiber floor coverings have and have will be a classic method of rug construction. With emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and design in recent years, natural fibers can be the way to go. Jute and sisal are great as they are eco friendly and constructed out of renewable resources. These natural fibers may not be the best for softness underfoot or stain resistance like some synthetic options. With the client’s needs in mind, it may steer you as the designer away from these materials. You can still achieve this natural woven look with something similar. 

Let’s Get Natural

Natural fiber floor coverings will always bring an element of nature and a sense of balance to a space. Sometimes the rough texture is a turn off to clients. The lack of stain resistance can be challenging when incorporating natural fibers into a client’s busy household. Still achieve the look, you the designer, imagined in the space… 

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Handle with Care

 When planning the space for the client’s home, consider an Indoor/Outdoor Flat Woven floor covering.These are a synthetic fiber & flat woven to mimic a natural rug sisal or jute rug. Made from polypropylene – excellent for color fastness and water resistance. These are easier to care for and clean – this style rugs can be taken outside and washed with water and air dry. Better yet, they are considered an indoor/ outdoor – they will hold up to the elements and daily home life. Adding a benefit for the client who has a growing family and busy schedule.  


 The synthetic material allows for beautiful and elegant patterns to be effortlessly created. Simple flat woven options mimicking casual sisal and jute to more colorful diamond and more geometric patterns. Here are some of our favorites that are a great alternative to sisal and jute area rugs. Read more about synthetic indoor/outdoor fibers here


Most of these rug options are of natural color tones making it a great alternative to jute and sisal rugs. The neutral colors mimic colors found or natural dyed  jute or sisal rugs making it a way to incorporate a natural look.To make sure the color is absolutely right, request a complimentary sample or two! 
It is possible to achieve the look of a natural fiber rug to best suit the space and the client’s needs with these great options. Custom sizes and sample swatches are available. Contact us for more information. 
Thanks for reading our blog post! 
Style: Kona. Color: Driftwood
Style: Martinique. Color: Frost    

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Area Rugs: How to Create a Custom Look in Your Home

One of the biggest advantages to a custom cut to fit rug is the ability to select the size that is most appropriate for the space. Some spaces are more unique and may require a special fit than standard size area rugs. Think of an area rug like an outfit. You wouldn’t want to wear something that is too small or wear something too large and frumpy. You would wear something that fits you well and compliments your frame – the same applies to an area rug. Getting the right size rug can make an impact on your space. A floor covering that is too large can engulf the room where as a rug that is too small is size will not give the room enough coverage or visual weight.
For spaces with angled walls and funky shapes there is a more tailored approach. You can create a unique shape area rug that is custom cut to fit. 
Before & After – Textured Shag area rug in Micro Grey.

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This project was custom cut to fit the seating area with their angled fireplace. You can see how color, placement and size are important to unifying the space and where customization should be used. Standard sizes can limit the way one feels and engages in the room. This Before & After transformation in a great example of how this truly impacts the living room. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on your own custom creation. 
  • Budget: When choosing a custom creation, it may sound expensive, but take a look at material first. You can have something custom cut from soft yet durable stain resistant fibers like a solution dyed polyester.  Thick and plush nylons and wools can add to your overall cost, if your budget allows. 
  • Style & Color: There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to style and color options. For all custom projects, samples are a must to compare color, quality, texture and feel. 
  • Form & Function: Consider the function of the space. Is this rug for a Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Entryway or Hallway? Is it low, medium or high traffic area?  This will help determine the height of the carpeting that is best suited for the space. 
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: When it comes to measuring for the custom rug there are a few things to consider.  Consider how much space you want around the room. If you are looking to create a sitting space consider the layout of the furniture. Do you want to create a seating area within the space? Painters tape is usually safe way to mark where and how you want the rug to be shaped. Try this if you need more visualization! 
  • Let’s Draw: Be sure to draw a rough sketch with detailed measurements and a photo of the area if need be. You can email your drawing to us for a quote.
  • Production Time: Each project is different and requires different demands. Custom Production time can take 1-3 weeks depending on the project at hand.
  • Enjoy: Once your rug is complete, we ship it to you. Time to enjoy your custom creation! 
Each space is unique and can require special attention. A custom cut to fit area rug can solve the most troubling of spaces and impact your space tremendously. These tips can help you create a welcoming and appealing environment. For more assistance & expertise to find the right floor covering, contact us.
Thanks for reading our blog! 

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Custom Dog Assist Carpet Stair Treads

People go to great lengths to care for their pet and our Dog Assist Stair Treads can be one of those solutions for your furry family member. We get may custom requests for our Dog Assist Stair Treads and Custom Stair treads alike. Here is one of our projects that we would like to share. This project helped make this little pup climb the stairs with ease.  

The Challenge: Little Pup, Big Stairs

For Chris’s dog, the staircase might as well be Mt. Everest. With the smooth surface of the steps, it also makes it difficult for any dog or pet to gain any type of traction. The homeowners also needed something that blended in with the contemporary style of the home and steps. (Typical sizes measure 8” x 24” and 9” x 27” to fit most steps) The homeowners wanted something that would still allow for the beauty of the stairs to be seen and assistance for their pet to climb the stairs with confidence. This is where our custom options come into play. We are able to cut to different shapes and sizes needed for many projects – this one proving no exception. We worked together with Chris to come up with a design solution to suit his space.  

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Production and Lead Time

Depending on the project lead time from start to finish usually takes 2-3 weeks – from sample selection to your order arrival. Each Dog Assist Stair Tread is cut to fit and bound to complete the look in a coordinating fabric tape. It is sewn into the edge of the carpet tread. This helps prevent wear and gives the stair treads a finished look. For Chris’s project it took about 3 weeks from samples to customization and delivery.  

Final Result

Over A period of a few weeks and sample approval, Chris was able to make a final selection on what worked best in the space. His dog can now climb the stairs with confidence. Not to mention these Dog Assist Stair Treads complement the interior style too!
“The steps worked out perfectly and look great! Thanks for the excellent service!”
Kind Regards,

When Can I Expect My Custom Stair Treads

  Depending on the project lead time from start to finish usually takes 2-3 weeks – from sample selection to your order arrival. Each Dog Assist Stair Tread is cut to fit and bound to complete the look in a coordinating fabric tape. It is sewn into the edge of the carpet tread. This helps prevent wear and gives the stair treads a finished look.  

Need To Know

When measuring for your custom stair treads like this one we always recommend to stay ½” away from the front of the step. This ensures proper wear of the stair treads. For more unique steps and cut outs. Templates are needed to make your custom creation. They can be made from paper and sent by mail to our location.    

Consider Pattern

Most patterns will work for customization. We like to stay within a 8” -9” pattern repeat so that you can get the most out of the pattern. Otherwise… the pattern can appear to be chopped up and not look visually pleasing. No matter what kind of pet you have, Koeckritz Rugs has the perfect solution for your flooring needs. Check out our rug selections today! For more custom Dog Assist Stair Treads, guidance, and complimentary stair tread samples read below.  Our Dog Assist Stair Treads are also a great help for your senior and aging pet. You can read more stories and reviews here.  
“Our 15 year old dog had become hesitant going down the stairs. While he was unsure about the treads at first, he now goes up and down freely. One review complained about the quality of the double-sided tape that comes with the treads, but we have had no problems with the tape and we have been using it for several weeks now.”
“These turned out perfect!! They look great and the custom shapes and sizes turned out so good. We are very pleased!! Definitely recommend. Thank you!”
Thanks for reading this post!

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Flooring Solutions for Any Project or Any Budget

Whether you are a high-end client that needs the best materials available for indoor design, or someone looking for more budget-friendly flooring options, Koeckritz Rugs provides solutions for all types of flooring project and at any budget.  

LVT & LVP Flooring

flooring Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors are an excellent choice for commercial venues due to their softness and their flexibility when it comes to style. However, these features also make them vulnerable to scratches and other impact. Any area rug can go with vinyl floors if they are protected underneath by a Duo-Lock felt and rubber rug pad. These pads start at $1.14 sf, depending on the size. A classier solution for vinyl tile floors is peel and stick carpet tiles, which are highly customizable and go for around $109.99 per order (27 sf per box). You can install the tiles as wall-to-wall carpet or as a fixed area rug.  

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Ceramic Tile Flooring

flooring Ceramic tile flooring is common in most residential and some commercial flooring. Well-placed area rugs counter the coldness of the tiles to bring in warmth and comfort. A budget-friendly option for tile floors is the Soft Charm Speckled indoor rug collection, ranging between $2.74 and $20.25 per square foot. The Tuftex Celeb 100oz Super Thick Shag area rug, for a cost of $15.78 to $27.62 per square foot, offers maximum shag and greater softness and warmth. All area rugs need rug pads as well, in order to avoid disturbing the grout between the tiles.  





flooring Hardwood floors provide luxury and class to any household or commercial building, for any budget. When it comes to decoration, any type of natural and synthetic area rug can fit. High-end consumers will enjoy the coziness of the Rhody Warm Earth braided rug, priced between $65.99 and $799.99. An affordable, but luxurious option is the Chocolate Chip Indoor Frieze area rug, ranging between $1.70 to $12.88 per square foot. Natural fiber rugs will need a thick rug pad to protect the hardwood floor.           No matter what kind of budget you have, Koeckritz Rugs has the perfect solution for your residential and commercial flooring needs. Check out our numerous rug selections today.  

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Make an Impact With Wool and Natural Fibers

A rug or carpet can create a great impact on a room based on its material, especially if its made from Wool and Natural Fibers. Rugs created from wool and natural fibers provide a positive impact on the household, particularly when it comes to design and environmental matters.  

Flexible Design

Rugs made from natural fibers are adaptable to any type of indoor design. Even though most people connect these rugs to coastal-style decor, they can go with any other style. Natural fiber rugs can fit with any furniture, pattern, decoration, other rugs, or any type of rug layering. Wool and Natural Fibers                  

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Perfect Climate

Natural fiber rugs provide a sense of warmth to any room they occupy. The unique color and texture evoke a cozy, inviting feeling. Specifically, wool rugs absorb excess moisture in the air and release it when the air is dry, providing the perfect moisture level in the room and decreasing the use of a humidifier or dehumidifier device.  

Greater Durability

Rugs made with natural fibers require greater maintenance and cleaning needs compared to other material types. However, with proper care and cleaning, these rugs can enhance your home for years, outlasting other materials and decreasing waste. Wool also has the added advantage of being fire resistant. While contact with fire creates a notable burn mark, it will not catch on fire. Wool and Natural Fibers  










Reduce Toxic Chemicals

Natural fiber rugs contain no synthetic materials. Because of this, they do not expel hazardous chemicals that can negatively affect the people living in the house. In fact, wool’s composition allows it to absorb indoor pollutants like nitrous dioxide and sulfur dioxide.  


Carpeting and rugs made from natural fibers have the benefit of organic, renewable materials. When combined with their greater endurance, it makes these rugs sustainable by reducing waste and decreasing the harmful impact to the environment.   If you are ready to enjoy the environmental and design benefits of wool and natural fibers, check out our line of wool rugs today. Visit Koeckritz Rugs today!  

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Not All Carpet Tiles Are Equal

Carpet Tiles come in an array of funky patterns and bold modern colors.These carpet tiles can quickly transform a space and work well with the client’s budget. But there are some drawbacks and trade secrets that you should know to keep a project from being delayed, seems not matching and creating a nightmare installation job for you and the project… Broadloom carpet has been in the forefront for many years in commercial applications, but carpet tiles are now a trade favorite for easy installation and durability. With so many options it can be a bit daunting. Carpet tiles can be an economic solution when creating a space for a client.  When designing a space one takes into consideration the overall look, product durability and budget! But be aware of some of the issues that may arise. With our 40 plus years of flooring industry experience you may want to take note!

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Get The Look You Want And A Happy Client

When it comes to fun and trendy patterns carpet tiles, they have come a long way, but not all carpet tiles are suitable for your design plan. We recommend if you want the look of broadloom, go with broadloom! Let carpet tile be carpet tile.   With thinner carpet tiles (when running it to look like broadloom) the seams do not match up causing a gap in between the tiles. We do not recommend the appearance of broadloom on smaller commercial or retail applications. A general rule to follow is if the carpet tile is ⅜” + in thickness and a higher ounce weight  would be more suitable to run the pattern to create that broadloom appearance. Always check with the manufacturer for exact product details for best pattern direction.

Quarter Turning

With some of the less expensive options, this is definitely a conversation to be had with the client and the installer doing the work. A thinner carpet tile might be the option to save on budget. From our experience, it is best to have the carpet tiles quarter turned to avoid gaps between the thinner tiles. This minimizes the appearance of space between carpet tile joints. You may not get the pattern you may have intended into your initial design, but may make for a happier client and smoother project. carpet tiles Industry standard from the Carpet and Rug Institute allows for the thickness of a credit card (approx 0.03 inch) between the seams of carpet tiles. Any gap can interfere with the way the pattern and finished look of the floor. This may result with an unhappy Designer and client! To avoid this, it is always best to establish the pattern direction, know the overall Carpet Tiles thickness and communicate your concerns to the installer when planning the design.

Other obstacles

Know the Carpet Tile basics and keep the project on pace. Floor preparation is key in all flooring applications, but what makes Carpet Tile different? It is best that concrete is cured, cleaned and dry. The concrete must comply with moisture and alkalinity requirements before any carpet tile is installed. With some of the chemical agents like glue, humidity can play a role in the strength and performance of the floor. This thankfully can be tested with ASTM Standard F2170; Moisture levels in the concrete subfloor must be 80% or less before installation.   For more tips feel free to ask us!   Residential carpet tile Planks  

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The Rising Trend of Consumer Customized Design

In this current era, there is a rising trend in consumer customized design, in everything from food orders to remodeling. Consumers want more products and experiences that they can call their own and take full ownership of. This trend is also extending to interior design.

Social Media Exposure

consumerOne of the biggest factors in the growing popularity of custom interior design is social media. Certain people, such as influencers, give eager viewers access to their lifestyles. Particularly, consumers see how expensive tastes and resources impact the decorations of rooms and interiors. The greater exposure to these luxurious lives through social media increases the desire for viewers to obtain their own furniture, decorations, carpeting, etc., and design their interiors to their own taste.


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Another factor in the rise of the customization trend is the convenience it provides. Consumers now want more options and easier access when purchasing items, even when they are buying rare sofas, statues, or rugs. The internet and other technological gadgets encourage the desire for increased convenience and comfort.

Role of Technology

consumerNew technologies continue to give consumers a more involved role in their interior design. For instance, new augmented reality (AR) technology allows consumers to choose from existing selections of wall and floor fixtures, covers, and arrange how everything ties together via simulation before they decide on a final purchase. Additionally, consumers may work with an e-designer to measure the aspects of a room and make decisions on what furniture, rugs, and other elements to purchase online. Both options increase choices for the consumer while also providing convenience and cost-efficiency.   Any great interior design needs to have excellent flooring to tie the entire room together. Koeckritz Rugs features an extensive collection of custom area rugs to further increase your design choices, as well as pre-made rugs and luxury area rugs to combine with your chosen room design. Order the perfect rug for you today.  

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Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Jewel Tones

During the past few years, pale pastel colors such as flesh and millennial pink have been popular, but now have fallen out of favor. Vibrant, rich, strong, and beautiful jewel tones are gaining ground as trending decorating colors. If you want to join in on the fun, learn how to decorate your home space with each color.  








A darker shade of red that is bold, loud, and explosive, ruby red creates an atmosphere of passion and love in bedrooms. You can use it everywhere else in the house in small doses, such as kitchen accessories, to bring some life to monochrome or pale living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Combine ruby red with blue for a fancy contrast.  

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Purple and Pink

The serene, muted colors that accompany amethysts and garnets are associated with calm and beauty. If you want to evoke a relaxed, subtle feeling, pair them with colors such as white, silver, and deep blue. If you prefer vibrancy, combine them with green. Use purple and pink on accessories such as shutters, throws, and cushions to emit cozy feelings.


Topaz and amber yellows create an overwhelming feeling of warmness and emotional balance to any types of room they are in. Yellow is perfect to evoke gold when used in metal furniture or accessories. Alternatively, you can combine these yellows with any type of blue for a modern contrast between cool and warm colors.  

Blue and Green

Sapphire blues and emerald greens are sophisticated and cool. Blues will seriously cool down any room and need yellow or even green accessories to bring some balance. Emerald greens have a slight warmth to them, and when they match with gold accessories, they become downright regal. Blues and greens are the most ideal combination.   Ready to decorate your home with fashionable jewel tones? Koeckritz Rugs has the perfect area rug collections for your decoration needs, such as the Milliken Charthouse Pattern and the Tuftex Europa Moroccan Lantern Pattern. You can customize these rugs to your liking, and they come in a variety of colors complementary to any of the jewel tones.  

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Reasons You Should Have Custom Cut Rugs ASAP

Interior decor is the spirit of your home’s aesthetic, especially custom cut rugs. When people come in, it’s the subtle pieces of comfort that bolster a welcoming atmosphere. These are the pieces you have control over. One doesn’t change a room to fit decoration but uses decoration to transform a room. Carpeting has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. Fairly so, too. The carpeting crimes committed against hardwoods are nearly unspeakable. However, custom cut rugs have a high place in interior decor and can fashionably bring a room together. We’re not talking wall-to-wall carpeting, but well-intentioned, better-designed custom rugs cut precisely for your space. Here’s why you should have them.


Custom cut rugs are remarkably comparable to high-end fashion. Yes, you can buy most things off the rack at any boutique, but the rack only holds a few options versus the variety of a whole swatch book. Custom rugs give you a world of variety to choose from so you’re not limiting your own decorative options.  

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Made To Measure

Ideally, a rug’s edges should be 12 to 14 inches from a room’s perimeter. That’s all well and good, but any odd area rug isn’t going to be a perfect fit for the dimension of every room and floorplan out there. Custom rugs put the power back in your hands by providing a bespoke decorative piece to any room measurement you may require. Homes are carefully built and we aren’t changing rooms to fit rugs, so why not custom cut rugs to fit rooms?

Tastes Change, Buy A Few

It’s no secret that our personal decorative tastes change over time. With custom rugs, nothing is keeping you from having a few different ones made. Different styles, colors, texture, try out something wild. You’re already having custom rugs cut to fit your own room dimensions, so live a little. Get a safe style. Make a statement piece. Who knows, if you get a few different ones, you could shake up the creative inspiration for other interior decor projects. You are the queens and kings of your abode. Each room has its own respective decorative crown and, for some, custom-made rugs are exactly what those rooms need to sparkle with a touch of royalty.  

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Carpeting Crimes You Need To Not Be Guilty Of

Carpeting crimesHave you ever taken the time to reflect on things you thought were cool? Years later, do some of those ideas make you shudder a little? We’re right there with you. In 2018, a Houzz study found that 48% of participants planned on decorating their homes. Why this number isn’t 100%, we’re unsure. We specialize in custom cut rugs. area rugs, braided rugs, luxury rugs.  Whatever you need, we have you — and your floor — covered. However, we won’t deny that there have been some historical design flaws in the world of rugs and we’re here to address them so those unfortunate histories don’t repeat themselves.

Bathroom carpeting

This has always been a mystery to us. We love rugs, but we know they don’t belong in a bathroom. For sanitary reasons we’re certain you can reason without us having to be explicit, this once-upon-a-time carpeting fad needs to be laid to rest. Some things in the design world make comebacks, but this is one we’ll fight tooth-and-nail to keep out of the rotation for good.

Carpeting on places that aren’t floors

Stemming from the past propensity to puts carpets in bathrooms, the same era thought it was cool to put them on walls. Even ceilings. A decorative, luxury rug hanging on a wall is artistic and fun. It can give a museum-esque feel to a room. Carpeting that just continues from the floor and creeps up the wall is not cool. Keep your carpets on the floor and everything is going to be fine.

That poor rug that needs to be retired

Whether an outdoor rug or an indoor rug, there’s always that one that needs to go. Luxury rugs or not, they don’t last forever. Knowing when your rug has gone from aged-stylish to gross-filth-sponge is supremely important. Keeping one around that’s run its course is never chic. There aren’t many rules to successfully laying rugs, but these few pillars are strongly suggested. If you follow those guidelines, your stylistic and creative choices beyond them are totally up to you. At least you now know that, no matter what, carpeted walls are not an option.