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Preschool Group Speech Therapy: How One Therapist Uses Circle Seats

 Children learn and develop important developmental skills by exploring their environment. Families and professionals working with young and school-aged children encourage the learning of these skills by creating an organized setting. The Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seat set can provide professionals with a way to facilitate such an environment for learning.  The circle seats can be utilized to set boundaries between peers, provide expectations of appropriate seating placement, encourage language development, support following directions skills, and increase overall attention. 
Speech therapyThe “Crazy Carpet Circle Seat” is made of soft, durable fiber that comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The circle seat is more than a tool for children to sit on.  This seat comes in a variety of vibrant colors, which can support a variety of communication intents.  Some examples include: allowing the child to label different colors, providing opportunities for the child to demonstrate comprehension of colors by retrieving a specific color seat, allowing children to match items around the room to their specific circle seat, as well as encouraging answering wh- questions in a natural situation (e.g., “Who is on pink?”, “What animal did I put on blue?”, or “Where is the purple seat?”, etc.). 
Speech therapyIn addition, the circle seats assist in the children learning social cues and skills that will allow them to be more successful within their classrooms or play environments.   The circle seats provide the children a boundary for themselves, as well as for other children.  It provides enough space for children to maintain composure (e.g., keep hands and feet on their circle) to allow them to better attend to the activity with the group.  In return, children are better able to maintain appropriate attention allowing increased learning.  In addition, the circle seats can also be used within a motor activity.  Some examples may include actions from one circle to the next (e.g., hopping, crawling, etc.) or use the seats as a “stop point” to complete an educational task, matching items in the environment to that circle seat color. Whichever way the Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Set is used, it is sure to be a great addition for families and professionals that are helping our children learn.  
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Gail Dudesek, M.S. CCC-SLP/L
Aubrey Fossen M.S. CF-SLP/L