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Special Projects: Every Project Has Its Challenges

We get many unique requests from potential customers inquiring about our custom cutting rugs for special shapes, sizes, color, texture and material guidance. With several options available, it may be difficult to locate exactly what you are looking for (especially if a project is just as unique as this one). I wanted to share the following unique customer experience with you because it’s just one of the ways it makes our team at Koeckritz Rugs special. Not too long ago, designer Ouida contacted us with a special request. Her client recently had her home repaired from a recent fire. Fortunately the homeowner, Mrs. Clark, was uninjured.. Unfortunately her space which she came to love was mostly destroyed by smoke and fire. Mrs. Clark’s home was formerly designed and decked out in a 1970’s  southern country style with teal, rose and green, blue and gold floral wallpapers and custom drapes. The task at hand was to recreate what the fire had destroyed.  

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  The designer had the task to recreate the 70’s styled home as close to the original as possible. Within the space, she needed floor coverings to tie into the color scheme. Being in a small southern town, the local carpet and rug stores just did not have best complement of products to give the original design justice. So the designer contacted the experts at Koeckritz Rugs. Shopping online for a rug can be difficult… trying to match color on a computer screen or smartphone can be a bit of a challenge to say the least.  The designer sent us fabric swatches to help us find a color and texture that would work in the space. We were able to find a few options that met the criteria of the look they needed and sent rug samples for approval. Sure enough, these were some options that would work within the space, budget and time frame! Within just three weeks, the rugs were custom cut, bound, and delivered to the client’s home. The best part of this experience was to be able to find something that would work for this special project. Every project has its challenges, this one.. to find the right shade of Green, Rose and Teal for the 1970’s inspired space! It is always a great feeling to be able to solve some of our client’s most difficult tasks or projects. It all makes it worthwhile for what we do.     “Thank you for all your help in making her project easier to work with!”  – Ouida – Ashley K. Customer Service and Sale Representative at Koeckritz Rugs   Wallpaper from Project: Special Project                  

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