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A Houzz study indicated that 56% of respondents planned to update their yards to make them more entertaining and guest friendly. It seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people keep their entertaining behind closed doors, never realizing or accessing the full potential of outdoor entertaining spaces literally outside their doors. Outdoor entertaining is more than throwing custom outdoor rugs down and calling it a day. The decorating has to deliberate, especially now that summer is waning and autumn is waxing. Sure it’s cooler outside and the sun doesn’t last as long, but that doesn’t matter in a well designed outdoor entertainment area.

Start Simple

It’s not summer anymore. This means two things: less light and lower temperatures. Entertaining revolves around comfort. Be sure that your outdoor space is comfortable and well-lit enough to keep the party going. Provide ample seating and standing room. Small autumn firepits are excellent gathering places, plan your space accordingly. Outdoor spaces can be just as cozy as indoor ones, perhaps even more, when done correctly.

Analyze your Space

Everyone’s outdoor areas are different. As the temperature does grow cooler, so do patio surfaces and grass. Area rugs and outdoor rugs are perfect pieces that are both stylish and practical. They can go on grass and patios alike, keeping feet dry and warm. Just be sure to be extra careful if they’re near an outdoor fireplace. You wouldn’t want to risk your custom made rugs and other luxury rugs catching an errant ember.

Make it Transferable

Indoor and outdoor entertaining are a team, though many people treat them as entirely separate from each other. Your interior and exterior should encourage guests to flow between them. As it gets colder and darker, your outdoor space should usher people indoors to a similar vibe. The party doesn’t end in the backyard, it goes inside for steamy beverages and late night snacks. The way you decorate and design your spaces should foster that journey. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you should shudder the windows and reemerge in the spring. Change things up and get creative. Show people that comfort knows no seasonal restrictions and they’ll never want to leave.
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