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When you think of shag carpets, you often picture disco lights, colorful outfits, and tacky furniture. But the allure of a shag carpet speaks volumes on its own; in fact, this retro carpet option is making a stylish comeback in 2019 (no disco balls included). If you’re one of the many people who is considering the purchase of a shag rug, read on to learn more about the perks and pitfalls of shag carpets.  

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There are countless perks to buying a shag carpet, especially if you’re looking to boost the aesthetic of your home before you sell. Whether you want to install an area rug or a custom cut option, here are the perks to consider before buying a shag carpet:
  • They’re eclectic: Did you know nearly 13% of homeowners claim their home is eclectic? Lay down a shag rug to improve the look of your current decor or rely on this funky feature to speak volumes in an otherwise muted space. Their visual appeal in a room is unrivaled by other custom made area rugs.
  • They’re comfortable: There’s no better feeling than sinking your toes into a plush shag carpet in the morning. If your family likes to play games or watch movies on the floor, this also provides a comfortable setting for family gatherings. Consider installing a shag carpet if you have young children who are prone to falls.
  • No ugly seams: A shag carpet offers a lot in terms of visual appeal. After all, it brightens up and adds tons of character to a space. Luckily, shag carpets also hide unsightly seams and threads present in the carpeting. This creates a luxe look for anyone who walks through the door.


While the perks of shag carpets are plenty, there are a few pitfalls to consider before making your final purchase. Here are some of the cons to think about before you buy:
  • They’re not as durable as other area rugs: Shag carpets are built for comfort. As such, they don’t do as well in high-traffic areas since the fabric doesn’t bounce back as easily as other custom cut rugs.
  • They can unravel: Because you cannot see the seams of your shag carpet, you won’t know the material is unraveling until it’s too late. Take care to perform regular maintenance when vacuuming and cleaning.
Shag rugs are a great addition to any home, but placement is key. Shag rugs do best in bedrooms and offices where high foot traffic doesn’t wear down the fibers. When you’re considering a custom rug for your home, contact the experienced professionals at Koeckritz Rugs today.  

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shag carpet custom made area rugs, custom made rugs, custom outdoor rugs, custom size area rugs
The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Shag Carpet